Business Rule Creation Competition ‒ Invitation for Supporters

We offer business rule management solutions in return for your support

The Business Rules Hungary professional community of the John von Neumann Computer Society organises a competition entitled Business Rule Creation Competition in the autumn of 2015. The objective of this competition organised with the hope to become traditional is to promote the „business rule”-based approach through solving practical problems. The competition can become a reality only if so-called Task Owners apply, i.e. business people who would like to receive “rule-based” solutions to their problems.

Be a "Task Owner"! Nominate your favorite Business Rule!

Text of the invitation in PDF format

Companies utilise computers in their business processes without exception. A business process is in essence a chain of decision points. It is quite a serious challenge for large companies to quickly make uniform business decisions that support the company’s objectives. The more efficiently the software is able follow the changing targets, the more effective the company operations will be. Traditionally built software can achieve this objective only with great difficulties, with a significant delay, and with a serious quality risk. Moreover, users are almost always (let’s admit: rightly) dissatisfied.

The software industry responded with developing the business rule managers. The business rules can be applied in almost all business areas – for example in banking services, lending, production scheduling or even in simple form filling.

Through this Business Rule Creation Competition, a few product owners distributing Business Rule Management Systems, together with the NJSZT, would like to promote business rule management as a technology and as a method.

Our objective is to go beyond the strict confines of IT and to present to both college students and business decision makers the possibilities they can use to directly achieve their business goals. We’d like to show to the interested professional audience how easily and quickly you can implement even seemingly complicated tasks, using the appropriate tools, after only a few days of initiation.

In the competition you have to use the BRMSs of the product owners (representatives) who register for the competition. This year these are the following: IBM Operational Decision Manager (IBM), Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite (ULX), and TCPS (T-Logic).

Business decision makers receive reusable sample solutions for their problems, and they will be able to easily understand and even modify those.

Task owners, product owners, and competitors receive a solution, knowledge, advertisement, and recognition for their invested money and work, respectively. The competition will be organised on a weekend, in an inspiring location, with precious prizes.

We are looking for supporters who would be „Task Owners”

One of the competition’s objectives is to provide solutions to tasks based on real problems. Task owner can be any company or organisation that has a „business decision” type problem, and the problem can be brought – with the product owners’ help – to a form that can be published in the competition.

In return for a registration fee, the task owner is presented as a supporter of the competition, additionally it receives the competing works and sample solutions developed by product owners for each registered rule engine.

We are looking for other supporters too

We are also expecting support from companies who’d just like to promote the usage and positive appreciation of BRMSs. The support can be of general nature or tied to a prize; its form can be media sponsorship, cash, HW/SW tool, licence, book, software, internship, travel, etc.

Thank you!

Supporters will be listed on the competition’s homepage.
The detailed description of the competition can be found at:, Business Rule Creation Competition.

14 December 2014