Business Rule Creation Competition

Full description of the competition in PDF format

Brief Summary of the Competition

Name of the competition: Business Rule Creation Competition
Organiser of the Competition: the Business Rules Hungary professional community of the John von Neumann János Computer Society (
Homepage of the professional community and of the competition:
Community portal:, Group: Business Rules Hungary

The objective of the competition is to promote the usage and the positive appreciation of Business Rule Management Systems (BRMS) and to bring the business, developer, and training spheres closer to each other.

Task owners (who give tasks), product owners (who are responsible for a BRMS), and competitors can register to the BRH rule creation competition organised by the NJSZT. The competition provides the following possibilities:

  • business decision makers of the task owners can receive ready solutions for their decision problems that are easily understandable for them and they can even modify them;
  • business analysts of the task owners can learn about the advantages provided by BRMSs;
  • product owners (vendors) can promote the BRMS supported by them;
  • competitors can get hold of valuable prizes and marketable knowledge, and they can compare their knowledge.

Task specifications are device independent and jointly created by task owners and product owners. Applications of student teams with 2-6 members are accepted for the competition. The competition will be organised during an extended weekend, in a residential mansion. Tasks have to be solved with different rule managers. It will be decided by the drawing of lots which team will solve which task using which BRMS. The details of task assignment will be specified when the list of product owners and task owners is final.

Competitors receive training and support from the product owners before the competition, and they have to pass a certification exam.

The participation of foreign competitors in the competition is welcome. The primary language of documents (training materials, task descriptions) is English. The language of communication (e.g. consultations, certification exam) is basically English as well, however, if all participants understand Hungarian well enough, it can be Hungarian.

Task owners, product owners, and competitors have to participate in the competition personally (even if they are foreigners).

We consider it important that the competition should serve the learning and the assessment should be fair. The intention is to repeat the competition each year on the longer term.

The participants of the competition pay a registration fee and perform work. In return, they get advertisement, solutions, knowledge, and recognition. We count on your support.

Given that the competition will be organised the first time, the organisers reserve the right to elaborate certain details of the competition as it goes along.

Full description of the competition in PDF format